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Home Style – How to Present Your Property to Sell

home style present property sell

Home Style – How to Present Your Property to Sell

If you’re gearing up to sell your home, you’re probably starting to panic about the state of your kitchen, your cluttered shelves, the walls smudged in kids’ fingerprints, mould growing in the showers. Once you’ve cleaned up all of that mess, how will you ever find the time and energy to style the house and make it presentable for sale, right?

Take a deep breath, there’s no need to despair. There are some simple decoration tips that will make your home feel warm, inviting, with just the right amount of finesse to turn interested viewers into potential buyers.

1. Bathroom Style

Paint a feature wall behind the vanity unit. Make a statement by choosing a bright or deep colour like aquamarine or burnt orange. Remember to prepare before hand by covering the floor and unit with an old sheet, sanding the walls and covering electrical outlets with painter’s tape.

Hang a framed mirror for a touch of elegance and to create a sense of space. Pick something large and vintage for old world appeal. Make a statement. Chrome taps and fixtures will add contrast and a chic, modern touch.

Roll up your towels instead of folding or hanging them and stack them in a basket or on a shelf. Surround them with luxury soaps and bath oils.

Arrange scented candles next to the bath for extra indulgence.

2. Kitchen Style

Paint your cabinets for a warm, yet old world charm. Add traditional antique pulls and latches for a finishing touch. For a step-by-step guide on how to paint cabinets visit Better Homes & Gardens to make sure the job looks professional.

Blackboards add personality and an artistic flair. Use coloured chalk to jot down your favourite seasonal recipe or an inspiring quote for the day.

Add colour with accessories. Choose a couple of complementary colours and carry the theme through your tea towels, blinds, tablecloths, kettles, pots, dishes and saucepans.

Fill a glass fruit bowl with lemons and limes to add a hip, fresh touch.

3. Livingroom Style

Pick a fabric or pillow design you love then play it up throughout the room using vases, throws and pictures. Try not to use more than three colours, but don’t be afraid to use a mixture of patterns and whole swathes of colour.

Drag a comfy chair and ottoman over to a window or next to a bookshelf and carve out a peaceful reading corner.

Huddle furniture to create an intimate, sociable environment, especially if you have a large living space. If you push all your furniture up against the walls, it can make a room feel stark and sterile.

Fresh flowers in an old rustic vase make a room feel loved and inviting.

4. Bedroom Style

Paint or wallpaper the inside of your closet to let viewers know that every aspect of your home has been thought of and to add an unexpected, quirky edge. Pick a colour that’s known for positivity like red, yellow or lilac.

Headboards draw attention to the bed and add an inviting, warm feel to your bedroom. Use a fabric headboard for extra warmth and complement with cushions. If you enjoy being creative, you could make the headboard yourself. Check out these designs for inspiration.

Add pendant lights for a touch of glamour. Usually, we only think of using pendant lights in our living or dining areas, but they make the ultimate boudoir accessories in the bedroom.

Place a rug under the bed for an added layer of texture creating comfort and warmth. This works especially well with polished floorboards.

If you don’t have the time or funds for major renovation works, use your imagination to draw out your home’s best features. People often use their feelings when deciding whether to buy a house. By using subtle, suggestive touches you can tap into their emotions and increase the pulling power of your home. It isn’t just a bathroom; it’s a sanctuary of relaxation and indulgence. Your living room is a place for rest, reading and afternoon naps by the fire. The bedroom… ahem, we don’t need to go there.

Think how you can coax viewers to fall in love with every room. Make them feel welcome and at home. All it takes is a sprinkle of charm.

Happy selling!


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