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Is Easter a Good Time to Buy a Home?

easter good time buy home

Is Easter a Good Time to Buy a Home?

The Easter property scene can be a busy time with home owners keen to get their houses on the market and capitalise on what’s traditionally considered a period of high demand. So as autumn looms, For sale signs begin to garnish our streets, lighting them up at night like Times Square.

Luring buyers like bees to a flower.

Here is what to consider if Easter is a good time to buy a home:

  1. Choice of properties
  2. Stress-free research
  3. Reduced competition
  4. Increased competition
  5. New beginnings
  6. Autumn romance
  7. Winter truths

But with such a buzz in the air, is Easter really such a good time to buy, or should you hold off and wait ’til the frenzy passes?

As always, there are arguments for and against. Here’s a summary to help you decide if Easter is a good time to buy a home:

1. Choice of properties

There’s often a wider choice of properties on the market, increasing your odds of finding a home that meets all or most of your needs.

2. Stress-free research

The Easter break provides the space and time to research the market and view suitable properties stress-free.

3. Reduced competition

Auctions planned for the long weekend may lose some competition as many people nip away for a short break (although this probably won’t affect the really serious buyers).

4. Increased competition

Having lucked out at auctions over the Easter period, ‘straggler’ buyers could be left lurking – frustrated and ever more determined to succeed the next time round. Competition could be even worse after Easter!

Easter is often thriving with a higher number of buyers. Competition can be tough with auctions drawing large crowds.

5. New beginnings

Easter is associated with new beginnings and fresh starts. A great time to buy a new home (if you believe in that kind of thing…).

6. Autumn romance

The romance of autumn with its clear skies, golden leaves and crisp fragrances can make even the most unattractive properties seem appealing. It could be worth while holding off for the cooler months when the skies turn gloomy – and there’s a higher chance of rain to dampen buyers’ spirits and keep crowd numbers low come auction time!

7. Winter truths

The winter can reveal things about a property. Do the doors and windows rattle on a windy day? Are there water leaks or icy drafts? Is the heating effective when it’s bitterly cold? Is it the kind of house you’d want to bunker down in for the winter?

In short…

People tend to follow the trends, feeding the property hype that surrounds the Easter period. But sometimes there are good reasons to hold off on buying and wait for the cooler months when the excitement has eased.

At the end of the day, you need to use your own common sense, assess local conditions including the current competition and make the best decision you can.

More importantly, consider the state of the market, what’s happening with interest rates and your own personal circumstances when deciding the most suitable time to buy.

Good luck and have a great Easter!

We’d love to hear from you. Leave a comment telling us your story, good or bad, about buying at Easter!


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