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8 Disgusting Things to Look For in Your Perfect Home

8 disgusting things look perfect home

8 Disgusting Things to Look For in Your Perfect Home

You want the perfect home with all the shinies? Of course you do. Doesn’t everyone?

No wonder you never get it. Too much competition.

But there’s a website in England that has unwittingly provided some great clues to get you into your home sweet home.

It’s a list of all the things that turn people off homes they’re thinking of buying and they are just the things you should be looking for — because after all the crowds have been through, you could be the only one left standing.

Bargain now, fix later.

1. Mould in the bathroom? Great!

It turns off half your competition right there. Mould in the shower, on the walls, on the window-sills?

Love. Love. Love.

2. That stink? Enjoy it!

Stale cigarettes? Cat’s pee? Greasy food smells?

Breathe in. They’re all dollars in your bank. Nearly half the Brits say they’re real turn-offs and who says the Australian sense of smell is not the best in the world?

3. There’s money in mess

Clutter distracts potential buyers. Not you.

Time to join Einstein’s “A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind,” clever people.

4. An unclean home is the home for you

Another turnoff: The dishes in the sink, the stains in the carpet, the stale food that cat passed up.

Lovely. All made just for you.

5. Peeling paint? Creaking hinges?

Does it look like it hasn’t been tarted up for sale?


The tart can be tarted when you’re ready.

6. The garden’s a junk yard?

Just trash. Nobody’s treasure.

Except for you.

And if it’s not out before you’re in, a couple of bodies from Airtasker will haul it to the tip before you know it.

7. The owner’s an ogre?

We once bought a beach shack from a true grump who would only show us in after we’d agreed to buy (interesting tactic).

We talked our way in where others had failed and it turned into an absolute gem.

Lovely people, ogres.

8. It’s a zoo?

Pets are a put-off. They frighten the children and give people asthma and dogs that are leaners knock old people over.

There should be more of them.

Here cometh The Lesson

There are some tiny exaggerations in what’s above, but the underlying message is worth a ponder.

It’s too easy to be put off by details you don’t like and to miss the bigger picture.

What’s most important is the bones, not the distractions.

Is the layout good for the way you want to live? Is it structurally sound? Does the area work for you?

There’s an awful lot you can do to a poorly prepared house that can repay you many times over.

And a little luck can help, too.


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