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10 Features of a Winner Apartment

10 features winner apartment

10 Features of a Winner Apartment

There’s nothing quite like the apartment lifestyle. Dining out, nights at the theatre, meeting friends for mocha lattes in retro cafes. Lower energy bills. No wasted weekends weeding, mowing lawns or trimming hedges. It’s easy, simple and convenient. Everything at your doorstep.

And as Australia’s population rises and available land becomes increasingly restricted, tall, glimmering apartment towers are popping up all over our cities.

But with so many to choose from, how can you differentiate one from another? What separates the winner apartments from the losers?

Sometimes, it’s not about glitz and glamour. It’s about finding something that’s unique, timeless, brimming with character. If you’re currently on the scout for an apartment, we have some hints to help you find a winner:

1. The social apartment

Apartments located in the heart of the hippest suburbs always seem to do well. Surrounded by restaurants, cafes, gyms and popular shopping strips, they offer the ultimate urban experience. Even better if you can find an apartment that’s located on a quiet, tree-lined street just off the major social strip.

2. The diamond in the rough

It’s tempting to want to live in the newest, tallest apartment block. They come with instant prestige, the latest appliances and smooth, soundless elevators. But new soon turns to old and these slick complexes can quickly become dated and ordinary. On the other hand, older, boutique blocks have stood the test of time. They may look a little shabby on the outside, but they often have quirky, unusual or art deco features that are rare. Be careful, they tend to create a buzz amongst buyers – blink and you’ll miss out.

3. Worst in the block

In every complex, there’s the ‘compromised’ apartment. You know the one. The pokey, dark place with a makeshift feel: a sofa bed in the living room, a toilet in the laundry or a kitchen so small you have to use the oven for storage. These apartments are usually an afterthought from the developer. They figured they could cram another one in to make some extra cash. They’re cheap, but for a reason. They’re also harder to sell, especially if there’s another, more superior apartment for sale in the same block.

4. Layout

Layout is everything. Are the rooms a decent size? Could you actually use the kitchen for cooking meals? A winner apartment can be clearly defined. Stay away from descriptions such as ‘1.5 bedrooms’. There’s either a second bedroom or it’s a storage cupboard. And remember, renovations requiring structural changes tend to be expensive. Carpets, tiles, wallpaper. These are the things you can compromise on because they can be easily changed.

5. Top notch developer

Developments or apartments designed by well-known, respected architects and developers can have an edge above the others. Ask questions. Do the developers have a good reputation? Are they known in the industry? Explore other apartments built by the same company – have they increased in value over time?

6. The era of the cave has past

These days, we’re all too aware of the positive effects of natural light and ventilation. Dark apartments are, quite frankly, depressing. The winner apartment has plenty of windows and light pouring across its floors.

7. Alfresco

The downside of apartment living is you can feel claustrophobic and shut off from the outside world. Alfresco entertaining is engrained into our Australian culture, so apartments with balconies, rooftops or courtyards will always be popular.

8. A room with a view

There’s nothing worse than opening your blinds each morning to see the back of some café and some foul-scented bins. Now imagine looking out to a park filled with trees, early morning walkers, group yoga lessons… the city skyline glimmering beyond. Find an apartment with a view and it’s sure to be a winner.

9. Holiday feel

One of the advantages of newer apartment blocks is that they sometimes come with amenities fit for a hotel. So if you’re swaying towards the new, pick a complex with a swimming pool and gym. These extra facilities will give your apartment a lead over the apartments without. And if you’re worried about the higher price tag, factor in what you’d pay for outside gym membership.

10. A home for your car

It’s never fun spending endless hours circling the streets to find an available space for your car after a long day’s work, so apartments with off-street parking are gold. It also means lower insurance and peace of mind that your car is safe.


A winner apartment brings something unique to the table. Stay away from the unoriginal. If there’s 10,000 other apartments that are similar, yours will become lost amongst them.

The winner apartment offers an experience. A lifestyle. Your chance to claim a piece of the city.

Happy hunting!


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